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Major New Facebook Comments System: The Good, The Ads & The Ugly

image from Just days after a major change to its Like system, Facebook launched a robust new Comment plugin for blogs and web sites.

TechCrunch, GigaOm and others we're quick to juimp aboard, but it's now clear that the new Facebook plugin comes with several limitations. For starters, there's now no option to log in via Google or Twitter. 

Yahoo! login is now enabled; and that says a lot about who Facebook "Likes" and how the social network cares more protecting growth than user preferences.

Another reason for the change is that comments threading through Facebook is more attractive to sites and their advertisers looking for greater user engagement.  And just in case they're still nervous, Facebook will allow control of comments by making it private or hiding it altogether. Publishers can also blacklist users and words (profanity or “spammy terms”) from a moderation dashboard according to paidContent.

To publishers and marketers who enjoy the power of Facebook to help a post or comment go viral, the new Comments system is an improvment.  But, as with most things Facebook, it comes with strings attached.

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  1. I’m thrilled at all the new PR and marketing tools that’s available for the independent artist,songwriters and publishers,there’s still much i don’t know about the new indy music business but thanks to the internet it’s coming together using what tools i find or offered free or trial offers through social and music websites,there are many musicians out of work and now i fall into that category so i decided to use my time expressing myself,marketing myself and music online on every music and social site i found,it’s began to give me more publicity and down load sells and hopefully some gigs,if anyone needs a jazz/r&b guitarist feel free to contact me (,sincerely,Emmett North Jr.

  2. I like the new system, seems to work… AND you can get rid of stalkers!
    Andre From Idlewood
    “Like” please and support indie/local music!

  3. With the new Facebook comment system, you could have gotten rid of this spammy self serving comment that has nothing to do with the article

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