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MOG Brings On-Demand Music to Mini Dashboard

Mog The addition of MOG to the Mini dashboard reveals the potential for on-demand music in the car. Users plug their iPhone directly into the Mini and it automatically recognizes the connection. From there, the in-car app is navigated via joystick. Similar to the mobile app, users can access any song, play radio, and even cache music for offline use. Given that MOG has instant search, users toggle the first few letters of an artist’s name, and then they see them right away.

While MOG isn’t the first music app to enter the car, as Pandora has too, the demonstration below gives insight into the future of music in the connected.

Since 50% of radio listening happens in the car, apps like MOG will be key to shifting consumer perspective and revealing the potential of subscription music.

It is one thing to pay $10 a month to access music on an iPhone and the web, but it’s quite another to be able to access it regardless of device be it the car, TV or the next new thing. To many executives, making their services ubiquitous is the next challenge. Trouble is that isn’t easy to be everywhere that consumers are and in the case of the car, the turnaround time from idea to implementation is much greater. But, MOG's partnership with Mini shows that patience pays off. 


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  1. This is slightly insane… Remember what a car is? Hello? A multi-ton vehicle traveling at high speed. One stupid instant of inattention cruising for your “on-demand” music could lead to tragedy – either for yourself, or for a hapless pedestrian or another vehicle.
    People, aren’t we ADD enough as it is? If you must listen to music, make a playlist in advance, plug your iPod in and drive!

  2. Marc, they probably said the same thing when they put the first Radio in a car…..idiots on the road will be idiots whether they have a radio, a beer, or putting on makeup , texting and eating a donut while driving (yes, I’ve seen that in LA)
    It isn’t as extreme as you think and disaster prone as you portray, and it’s WAY safer then screwing around looking for your ipod on the floor or connected device.
    Innovation shouldn’t be stifled because 1% of the fools out there will abuse it, when 99% of adult, responsible drivers will be fine adopting this awesome stuff. This is the future, and this implementation nails it I think. Good by AUX IN.
    Oh, and not everyone DRIVES ALONE.

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