New Topspin Platform Is Live. We’ve Got Details

image from www.eyesandearsentertainment.com Early this morning Topspin opened its new direct to fan platform to all artists along with some major platform updates. 

With the new offering Topspin hopes to attract a broader array of artists and labels with integrated ecommerce, ticketing, fan clubs, streaming, email and widgets. New features released today include an integrated Store Builder, new tools for gaining fans via email, Facebook, and Twitter and a more robust ticketing application.  Details & Pricing:

There are three levels of access that range from $9.99 per month to $99.99 a month.

TOPSPIN:  $9.99 a month (or yearly at $99) plus a 15% commission, you get access to 90% of Topspin’s software tools, including:

• STORES: Sell digital media, physical products, and tickets, and bundle them in any combination. Build and customize individual Buy Buttons, or create a free-standing store with the Store Builder tool. Integrate the store with an existing website on WordPress, Drupal, and other website providers, and embed it inside other websites, Facebook, and custom mobile apps with Mobile Roadie.
TICKETS: Create tickets for concerts & fan experiences, bundle them with other products in the store, and sell them directly to fans for a flat retail price. Fans print their tickets at home, and scan them at the venue with a free custom Ticket Scanner iPhone App.
• WIDGETS: Create widgets to grow fan following via email, Facebook, or Twitter in exchange for free content. Build streaming media players for music and video.
EMAIL MARKETING: Send unlimited number of messages to up to 2,000 email addresses. Segment  by demographics like age, gender, location and social-network influence, as well as by purchase
behavior, total spend, and method of email acquisition.  Track email response rates and analyze
campaign performance.
• ANALYTICS:  Graph each campaign’s performance to spot trends in sales, streams, and
shares. Get a breakdown of audience age, location, gender, interests, social-media influence, and other demographic traits.

TOPSPIN PLUS:  $49.99 a month (or yearly at $499)  plus transaction fees, you get access to everything above plus:

• EMAIL MARKETING: Send an unlimited number of messages to up to 20,000 email addresses.
MEMBERSHIPS: Create access levels and use them to offer fan-club memberships, subscriptions, and access to members-only offers & content. 
PRE-ORDERS:   Pre-orders can include instant digital downloads and deferred delivery of digital and physical products. All pre-order settings can be built at once and set to run automatically, “set it and forget it”, with minimal to no work required beyond setup.

TOPSPIN ENTERPRISE: $99.99 a month (or $999 a year) plus transaction fees, you get access to everything in TOPSPIN and TOPSPIN PLUS. This tier is geared towards established artists with label deals and fan bases of more than 20,000 emails, and for labels & management companies who will
operate Topspin accounts for multiple clients., as well as:

ENTERPRISE ACCOUNTING: Configure more than one payee for products and bundles in the Topspin system. Important in cases where a label, merch company, and/or promoter need to be paid directly.
ENTERPRISE REPORTING: Works directly with Topspin’s in house Soundscan (US) and Official Charts Company (UK) personnel to ensure items are set up and reporting in time for street date and beyond.
LARGE EMAIL LISTS: Send email to an unlimited number of fans.

MoreInterview: CEO Ian Rogers On Topspin Relaunch.

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  1. Signed up for PLUS package. Was super excited to go in and get it set up. To my disappointment, everything was processed, but my account is still set to trial. So, I can’t do anything. The worst part is, it didn’t meet the hype. ReverbNation’s already doing what TopSpin is attempting to do. I can’t get my money back. Lesson learned. Should’ve done the trial first.

  2. The service seems great for the money… except for the commission part.
    It’s not like Topspin has a trusted brand name among consumers like Paypal or the Apple iTunes store, so 15% on top of a monthly fee for web tools seems a bit much, IMO.

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