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Jack Kelly

"Beyond Oblivion intends to charge device makers a one-time fee to have its software pre-installed on their devices."

Unless this has very recently changed, this market does not work this way at all. Applications PAY to have their Apps pre-installed on mobile devices. And, they don't pay the device maker, they pay the carrier who will market the device. The device makers install applications under the direction of the carriers that promote the device.

Major Tom

I don't see how digital lockers in the cloud will be a long-term solution when consumers can create, host and stream from personal digital lockers on their own hard drive with services like HomePipe.net?

Hump Jones

First thing to invest in: a name change, ASAP.

Unless they're transitioning to a "Norwegian Death Metal Band" business model, in which case, keep it.


Not really sure how homepipe is any different from anything a person could do now.

If you aggregate copyrighted material for illegal distribution, at some point your ass is grass no matter how you try to dress it up.

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