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Pundits React To Amazon's Cloud Locker & Player

image from cdn.slashgear.com(UPDATED) The pundits couldn't get enough of yesterday's announcement by Amazon of it's Cloud Locker and Cloud Player for music.  Several described it as too simple (I think simple is good) and while some rejoiced that Amazon had thrown down the gauntlet (I agree.), others wrote worried that labels will shut the lockers down (Prediction: They'll scream loudly, but fail.) Here's a sample of some of the smartest commentary:

  • Amazon Throws Down With The Major Record Labels (Michael Robertson of MP3Tunes)
  • Amazon’s Cloud Service Is A) Legal B) Illegal? C) Probably Here To Stay (Media Memo)
  • Thought's on Amazon's locker service. (David Pakman, VC and former eMusic CEO)
  • Amazon Music Locker Could Reawaken P2P Sharing. (Evolver)
  • Without Licenses, Amazon’s Cloud Player Walks A High Wire. (paidContent)