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Ok... and who have ever said that there were made less new music because of Napster and the internet?

Am I missing a point?

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I think the point is that those who argue that copyright is necessary to keep new blood in the industry might not be entirely right. Those arguments assume people make music because of the economic benefits it affords. But if people continue to make music (more music than ever, actually) despite the erosion of copyright protection and economic benefit, there are obviously other social reasons people make music. Money is necessary, but too many people in this business think it's everything. Music is art, and it always will be.


I don't think artists give 2 craps about this.


You're properly right, but I dont think its interesting knowing that more people releases music... Isn't it more interesting to now if people actually LISTEN tp more music?

I think its way to easy to release music and that there is not necessary something positive in that...

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More people are listening to more music than at any other time in history. I agree with you - that's important. But think of how cool it is that more people than ever have the access and ability to make music. More people expressing themselves and sharing those expressions is a positive thing! Art and music can (and should be) for everyone who wants to participate.


Whats Napster?

Economists < Music

People who thought illegal downloading was decreasing the amount of new music clearly don't have anything to do with actually making music. Probably just a bunch of in the box economists.

This industry is DIY now, thats why there are so many new artist. Has almost nothing to do with copyright and economic incentive.

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