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"Be remarkable, be easy to discover, turn your fanbase into a party, connect, listen."

That's it right there. Awsome.

Bas Grasmayer

Thanks Kyle.

Didn't know you wanted an image with that. The way I picture the model is like this: http://i.imgur.com/Zvo0Q.png


I like the eco-system approach, looking forward to read more of it in the full thesis!

Louis Byrd

NIce!!! That last sentence is Epic!!!


Interesting article, but aren't all these points a given in this industry now? I think busing Lady Gaga as an example, but then stating right afterward not to try and keep up appearances because it may prove too hard negates the whole point of that part. The single hardest thing to do is creating a name (or brand) that people recognize. Unfortunately, marketing is the strongest way of getting it out there. There are just too many artists and bands out there going for the same thing! If you don't have a gimmick, then you'd better pray you make a video that goes viral, but out of all the unsigned indies out there who do this, how many actually build up enough of a fan base to be successful?

Whenever I see articles like this, they always refer to well known artists who have been signed to major record labels or have already have had a career with major finacial backing behind them involving promotion, disrtibution, and marketing. Its not a good example to use these well known artists who have decided to leave their labels for the indie route because they were already famous and successful BEFORE they went out on their own. That's why there is no "frame work" because unless an unsigned indie artist or band already has the financial backing behind them they're never going to be successful enough to make a living off their music. There is no frame work because there aren't enough (or hardly any) artists or bands able to be really successful on their own setting an example for everyone else.

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Bas Grasmayer

Hey Chacnius, the reason why I referred to a major artist (and why most articles like this do), is because it's an example that everybody knows.

If you read through the whole thing, you'll also see that I refer to something much more underground that 'hardly anybody' knows (Shpongle), but they still make a living off of music through their ecosystem - it's a fascinating story. Click the link.

Therefore I seriously disagree with your last sentence. There's plently of 'indie' artists making a living off of music. The fact that I only mentioned one of them inside this post doesn't negate that fact. :)

The idea that only being able to do this when you are famous (I call it the Radiohead-syndrome) really blocks indie artists to really go for it and fully engage in the reality created by the web. Instead they prefer to just go half way, get disappointed (what do you expect when you only go half way), and complain about it on forums and blogs :P


Great article, thanks for posting.

Chancius, there certainly is no defined "framework" for success, but this article is hardly suggesting so even though it may be worded so in the beginning. I see a ton of "10 steps to success" articles that take that approach... this is not one of them. This article identifies well how to pay attention to the components of your "own" ecosystem and how to use those to your advantage. That's about as close as you can get to any definition or framework. A little advice is always good as long as it's not too vague or strict.

Also, there are TONS of unsigned artists making a decent living! Ha... get familiar!


Bas - great article and I agree with the holistic approach entirely.

But I have to credit Kyle for nailing it in the first comment. The only thing that really matters regardless of all the marketing in the world is how good (or remarkable) you are.

If that is in place then proper use of the ecosystem (a la Gaga with her very public fan enagagement and party starting with her little monsters and their monster balls) ought to come naturally to any modern artist.


Bas Grasmayer

Erm... he's quoting the post though ;-)

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