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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Thank you Natalie for notifying us of Paul's article. That's quite an eye-opener. Yet, the known fact that major labels are minority stake holders in sites like F*c*book or youtube, thereby protecting their privileges from independent competition, already was a hint in this direction.

As if F*c*book locking out unregistered users from your artist page ever would generate good promotion for your product.
Let's just say the sheer thought of that is anti-intuitive.

Suzanne Lainson

Yesterday I had trouble adding comments because I kept getting server errors and today the same thing is happening. So if anyone is monitoring this in real time, right now I can't add a comment to the thread over there.

Aaron Gibson

Good Article! I've had some similar frustrations, but at the moment everyone is on Facebook.

Aaron Gibson

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