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I like having my MP3's RIGHT where I have them... I MAY use a locker to store them electronically JUST IN CASE of a HD failure or something like that...

Band 101

Good points, Kyle.

I don't think the average music user is thinking about giving their MP3 collection "a second life", though. If they don't perceive a problem with what they're using, they won't care to look. I don't believe that music lockers are going to convince most people to re-evaluate their iPods, iPhones, and Android devices loaded with MP3s (purchased or not). Some consumers are going to care, but those people are on the edges and their tastes don't necessarily reflect the rest of the population.

For a big change to occur, the market needs to be convinced that that paradigm of owning MP3s is broken, and that there is a much better way to consume music. I think this is happening slowly (think of how much more music is streamed and shared online via YouTube), but it's got a ways to go. None of the streaming services have done a good job a demonstrating how much better streaming can be (better pricing, access, etc.). Spotify may be able to do it, but it needs the rights holders to give it a chance.

I agree that if the labels, publishers, etc. focus on lockers at the expense of streaming, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Mike Hagler

has anyone even mentioned that verizon offers something similar for phones that allows you to store and play your mp3s in the cloud? i wonder if they have deals in place with the majors? http://products.verizonwireless.com/index.aspx?id=fnd_mediaManager


Just make it paid subscription monthly.. no more than 5 bucks and then count plays of each song. For each song labels and artists get royalty just like in radio (but probably smaller one) and that way EVERYONE will get paid. Amazon gets a cut, labels and artists are compensated and fans have a place for music with easy access.

Amazon really could pull this off. I'm already using it for books.. if they make it easy I will buy music there probably..

Asher S

something that we can learn from recent history is that the majors are very slow to embrace technology and, as a result, end up boning themselves

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