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How does offering "deals" on product correlate with being a "filter". How will they any different than Sony's offerings at www.popmarket.com which by all indications doesn't seem to have that much adoption?

Robin Davey

Because they choose which deals they bring to peoples attention. There is a selection process involved.


How on earth would this be a gamechanger? Interesting, yes. Gamechanger, no. Comparable to Spotify, not at all.

Robin: When they "choose" which deals is brought to peoples attention, you're also saying that there are only a couple of thousands bands out there. Whats the difference with deals on iTunes where you sell an album for half the price and get a banner on the frontpage?
This is nowhere near a gamechanger because only 1 out of a million bands will profit on this. Spotify is trying to be a businessmodel just like CD's where'as rcrddeals is yet another promotion-tool...

Robin Davey

A filter is the key thing which is missing in music today. Every band is desperate for attention, but to have a platform that has the ability to bring the worthwhile ones to a large subscriber audience is something that hasn't yet been realized.

The fact it is not open to every band, and focuses its attention on a music buying audience, is something that could generate a loyal, money spending fan base for good music.

If they get it right.


Where in their announcement did they say they would "choose which deals they bring to peoples attention"? My guess is they will offer any "deals" they can get.


You're headline should be "Why RCDRDDEALS Matters More Than Spotify FOR ARTISTS"

Wish you guys could become a bit more credible in this regard. As someone who is obligated to read hypebot (not by choice) I really wish you'd focus on improving the quality of your posts instead of focusing on speculative headlines contrived to create "shock value."

Speculating and starting rumors is a waste of my time and the vast majority of times that I click on hypebot headlines (via Twitter for instance) I feel misled by the content in the articles themselves.

For some reason there are notable people in the industry who read your blog -- your blog will be a much more valuable resource if you guys make an effort at more objective reporting. I don't care if you're just 2 people - limit the amount of posts and eliminate the BS.

Thank you very much.


ooooOOOOOooooh, get you!


Yeah I get that we need a filter, but you're still not explaining whats different from this than to get featured in a music magazine or getting airplay in the radio...

A "gamechanger" is something that would change the industry, when you compare it to Spotify. I cant see that this should be no difference than getting a new music magazine on the marked. No matter how succesful it will be, such a service would only delevier music to the already consuming audience. And no matter what it will only be a "gamechanger" for the few bands that gets promoted though such a platform...

Its the same nonsense arguments that the Bittorrent-people are saying when launcing a new service...


I agree... There is way to many "shocking" headlines, with too much not-thought through ideas/services/news...

Robin Davey

Look at Groupons success to see why. It mixes bringing a product with an instant incentive to buy. Magazines don't do that.

It can be a game changer because, like I said, it would provide an essential outlet for launching bands which isn't based on giving things away for free.

Youtube, Spotify, Bittorent all free. RCRDDEALS is not free - that is a huge difference.

Robin Davey

I didn't write the article for shock value. I wrote it because this is the first thing I have seen for a long time which has made sense to me as an artist and as someone who works in the music industry.

If you want to argue that it isn't, I will be happy to clarify my points for you.

The headline is accurate, it is not just for artists but for all businesses in the music industry.

Groupon is regional and if RCRDDLS follows that premise, venues, bands, subscription services, festivals, merchandise companies, local record stores all benefit. Who benefits from Spotify? The few majors that do deals and a limited number of bands which achieve huge plays.

Spotify is based on the user searching for things they already know about.

The Key element is that RCRDDEALS takes the first step of discovering music away from being free. That is a huge game changer for me.

Robin Davey

Like I said in the article in my opinion, if they do it right, that is how they will approach it.

Robin Davey

And to clarify, I have no affiliation with RCRDDEALS whatsoever. I merely make these observations as an industry professional.


I understand what you're saying...... BUT

Kyle and Bruce have both stated on maaaaannnnyyyyy occasions that they post and write articles designed to make you think. They are trying to stir the pot and get conversation going, which they do an excellent job of. Not everything on here is meant to be set in stone or to act like they are some authority. They just try to keep you up to date on news, and theorize.

notice the word HYPE in hypebot

Steven Finch

This article seems to be pointless or did I miss something?


Yeah I know what you're thinking but isnt Groupon only good for its own investors and that relativly few companies that gets featured there? No matter what, it would only be a few artists and mostly the company itself that will benefit from this. I would never call that a "gamechanger".

Remember there are millions of artists out there and such a service cannot serve more than a few bands each day...


...but how many people that dont actively search for music would like to be offered music in an email each day they dont know? I dont see why this service serves another segment that the ones searching on Spotify.

This type of filter is not any different than a music magazine or music section in a newspaper

Robin Davey

Yes that is my point exactly, we need a filter so we are not bombarded with a million artists. This is not a service for the masses but for the cream of the crop to be exposed through. That way investors would be happier to put money in to music again if they have an immediate outlet to make some of it back. It could provide all the good things the old industry did but in a new form.

Robin Davey

Like I said before music magazines don't offer an immediate deal. Plus I presume this is not exclusively about new music, it is about building a base of music fans to offer deals to.


It's a promotion vehicle for Ian and Peter. This will be no different than Sony's PopMarket. Check it out (www.popmarket.com). Not every deal is for me but some are. Definitely not a "gamechanger".

Robin Davey

Pop Market is an example of someone getting a great idea totally wrong. It's like an advert on TV for 70s boxsets. It looks like something that is supposed to appeal to 70+ generation, both in graphics and content.

The idea is great - the execution sucks. Plus it is limited to Sony and by the looks of it their archive. To make it work you have to have the possibility that any act could appear, and you could swipe up an amazing deal.

RCRDDEALS is linked to topspin who provide services for many major and indie acts so this is set to provide the fan a far better range of acts that Sony's attempt.


Providing services and controlling rights are two different things. Sony has more freedom and latitude to develop incredible items (whether they choose to or not) than topspin.

Robin Davey

You missed the point completely. Topspin are providers of a platform that majors utilize. Just as RCRDDEALS would be a platform for labels to utilize.

I would be interest to know exactly what you do in the business, so I can better understand how you feel this will have no bearing on what you do, but as you are posting anonymously I cant see why you are so adamantly against my commentary on this.

Microfundo :: Music + Microfinance

hey robin

i think you hit the nail on the head with this post. 'groupon for music' is a great concept - and coming from topsin - these guys probably will deliver some great deals for fans. however, topsin's approach so far has been pretty exclusive in that they're working fairly established musicians. this will serve that group well but may not trickle down to the rest so well.

fyi - at microfundo we've started experimenting with the same one-day only exclusive release concept - to help independent artists sell out their shows. i'll let you know if we start changing the game. :)


Most music out there doesn't hit the mark. If it did, people would want it. End of story.


The mark is shaped by what people are fed, and they're fed all manner of tripe. People want a lot of tripe. That's the mark very often. Many great artists never get the attention they deserve.
The story will never end.

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