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This is all very great and helpfull info for struggling musicians! Thanks!

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Matt Coe

Great advice! That being said, check out my work here:


Rock it!



I've got a real opportunity right now, the music-based video game I've been working very closely with, JamParty, is always open for compelling submissions...

Look up www.jamparty.com/artist-inquiry for more info.

Or goto: www.jamparty.com just to get your homework started.


I came into doing work with JamParty almost by accident, but if you asked me for any advice to songwriters/musicians/publishers looking for placements in video games, I'd tell you the following:

1) Have all of your publishing details ready to roll, the process for placements moves fast and we'd rather work with artists that can close their deals quickly than artists who drag their feet on details.

2) Be open to all kinds of editing, mashing-up, and various changes. If you want a placement, then take the opportunity as it comes.

3) My opinion - the future of gaming is all about what I call "zero translation": games or apps that are easy to pick up and play and are monetized on a micro-transaction basis. If I didn't have my current opportunity I'd be searching out firms that already have their developers credentials in place, and are writing apps or small social games.


Thanks for posting this review of our most recent NARIP SF Chapter event Music in Games, Hasham!
Your closing statement about having a marketing plan is really important for everyone to remember. In today's music scene, identifying what segment(s) of the industry you might have the most success at. Who the players in those markets, how the revenue streams work AND who your competition is, will help artists and music creators determine what revenue streams are most viable for them.
For those who need a little direction, finding a business strategist can help you decide where to best spend your time and energy!
Warm Regards,

=Tamra Engle=
Executive Director
NARIP SF Chapter

Business Strategist- "Providing business solutions for creative minds"


Thanks for broadening my horizons.
I will definitely follow your guidelines.
See you on the flip-side


Here is a link to my resent project:



That is useful information, It's good for me in a sence, dont think about yourself n think about the developers.

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(sorry for my crappy voice)

IV the Polymath

Informative article - thanks for this one Hypebot!

Really been enjoying your posts as of late.

I'll also take the high road here & not spam the comment section with a link to my music.

Tess Taylor

Excellent article Hisham, I've thanked you privately and want to post here as well. Appreciate your support very much, it was a fun topic! More to come.

And for those who may have an interest, audio of this program is available now here: http://bit.ly/Music-In-Games-SF

Be well, take care.


Tess Taylor, President
National Association of Record Industry Professionals
(818) 769-7007 ~ www.narip.com ~ tess@narip.com
facebook.com/naripFB ~ twitter.com/NARIP


I would lve to have our music on video please concider us.

Shay Guidry

clyde maye

consider a visionary song writer here is my music http://youtu.be/2bNwlNBJaRU

Jihad Griffin

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Martin Apeman

This is very useful information! Ive been researching, and trawling through page after page for advice. Im not looking to make millions and be famous, I just want to make music for games. Essentially taking my two biggest passions and making a living from it. Below is a link to my Soundcloud page for anyone to listen, download, comment and follow, should you wish to. I have experience with Logic 9 and 10 and mix all of my own tracks. If you know of any developers looking for a passionate person to make some great music, my email is also below to pass on.

thanks again.

Mike Allen

This is good info. Thanks hypebot

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