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Roger Bixley

I would never buy a device with this software embedded in it.

Not because I may or may not have ill-gotten mp3s in my collection, but because I don't want advertisers tracking me every time I play a song.

I also don't want to be on a list of IP addresses that the RIAA will inevitably be subpoenaing 7 sky for, so they can sue anyone who, by virtue of using the device, volunteered the fact that they may have illegal downloads in their library.

I also don't want to have to watch an ad for something that I ripped myself from my own CD collection. Labels, you already have my money. Stop trying to nickel and dime me after the sale.

Unless the devices were given away for free or at a substantially lower cost than their ad-free counterparts, (i.e. the reduced price Kindle), I can't see consumers playing intentionally buying any device that forces advertisements on the end users with each use.

Aaron Gibson


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