FanBridge Hits 100 Million Fans. Adds Staff, API

image from www.bmi.com Fan relationship platform FanBridge announced yesterday that more than 100 million fans are now connecting through email, Facebook and Twitter using their platform. Some key clients like Lady Gage, Lil Jon and Carole King certainly helped Fanbridge reach the 100M fan milestone. But given the competition, it's an impressive number nonetheless.

FanBridge also announced the appointments of former Nabbr executive Gray Blue as its new Director of Music Industry Relations, and Jason Perez, formerly with Mint.com, as Head of Design. 

The company also launched an API that integrates partner offerings like online music stores and ticketing.

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  1. ..It’s Lady Gaga, not Gage, and as I believe you spelled FanBridge correctly, it’s just a capitalization error when you then refer to it as Fanbridge in the same first paragraph.
    For a site many of us depend on for some great music/tech news.. you would think you could at least proof your articles once. This isn’t craigslist.
    Thanks again for the info.

  2. I fully agree! Please! I look to this site for much needed and interested in music news. Sometimes I want to share this info on my Facebook page and when the articles are not edited correctly to a professional degree, then it hinders me from doing so! I feel that I will be judged unprofessional by association. I’m sure I’m not the only one and therefore, you are losing potential new readers and traffic, which inturn means less revenue for your site and writers. We love this site and only want the best for it!
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  3. You’re even a bigger dick and if you have friends who judge you because you shared a link on Facebook with the misspelling of Lady Gaga you probably need some new friends LOL

  4. I think the comments about misspellings are valid. The site is chock full of information but when spelling and grammatical errors are common it makes it look less professional.

  5. Yep…dick. I can’t stand pompous assholes who sit there judging the most inane shit. Feel better about yourself now do you>

  6. In keeping the spirit of the conversation, Jake … you didn’t spell “your” correct when calling Really? a dick. You should have written “you’re a dick”.
    But you are correct, the comments by Really? were written in a tone that was unnecessary, particularly on a site like this.
    But this site is plagued by frequent typo’s.

  7. Some of the comments seem a bit mean spirited, but you are correct. We need to get better about typos and spelling.
    I’m always fighting a balancing act between getting the info out quickly and getting it right with limited resources. But in the end, I want to always up Hypebot’s game and appreciate the reminders and suggestions.

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