groopEase Launches Indie Music Daily Deals Site

image from www.groopease.com (UPDATED) GroopEase has launched as a a group buying site offering daily deals on digital albums from independent artists. They'll initially offer fans that sign up 2-3 album deals a week at discounts of up to 75% off retail. Each promotion will highlight a different “Groop of the Day” and include reviews, videos and a free song download.

The site has partnered with 20 music sites and blogs to help promote their offering. “As a music blogger, I'm always on the hunt for new music and trying to promote lesser known artists,” said Chris Atto, editor of DailyBeatz.com. "(This is) a service that's beneficial to everyone, both the artists and the fans.”

GroopEase is also planning targeted offers in various musical genres. Members can opt into and out of whichever genres they prefer. We've asked groopEase for details on how revenue is split with artists and will share it soon.

To try groopEase use the invite code: LAUNCH

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  1. such an amazing site.. I love that they are giving more power to the indie/new bandsn of this world and did not just go for mainstream music. Definitely worth checking it out

  2. Love this idea – but I think they should make public who they’ve got curating / picking the acts they’ll be featuring – if I don’t trust the people picking the acts, I really won’t want yet another E-mail in my Inbox every day…

  3. Filthy Violets were awesome. bought the album. Looking forward to seeing the next band they feature. Hopefully their taste in bands keeps in line with mine. Looks like it from the first one.

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