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How Many People Really Use Twitter? A Lot, But Fewer Than You Think [CHART]

image from Facebook has 600 million visitors every month and half that visit every day.  But how many users does Twitter have and how active are they?  The Twitter about page says that they have 175 million users, but that probably counts every person that has ever created an account whether they use it or not.  Silicon Ally Insider knows someone with access to Twitter's API and found these user stats:

  • 119 million Twitter accounts follow 1 or more other accounts
  • 85 million accounts with 1 or more followers
  • Extrapolating from Twitter's claim of 175 million users, that means that there are 56 million Twitter accounts following no other accounts
  • And 90 million Twitter accounts with zero followers
  • 56 million accounts on Twitter follow 8 or more accounts
  • 38 million follow 16
  • 12 million follow 64

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  1. In my opinion, with twitter, finding success is less about getting oodles of eyes on you and more about getting the RIGHT eyes on you.

  2. We use twitter to engage with the public and share company news, various industry stories and other interesting articles. With over 5,000 followers and gaining over 300 more each month, we have discovered Twitter is one of the best resource for new clients far and above Facebook and Merchant Circle. The problem is people do not want to bother writing content of 140 or less characters. Anything worth while takes a little time and effort. Sure, Twitter doesn’t have as many users as Facebook but it does have straight and to the point marketing qualities.

  3. Can someone please tell me exactly how popular this micro-blogging service is? Please be specific.

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