JamLegend Music Gaming Site Shutting Down

image from www.google.com (UPDATED() After three years of of competing with Rock Band and Guitar Hero, online music gaming site JamLegend is shutting down. Investors had ponied up $2 million and legendary VC Ali Patovi sat on the advisory board. "We successfully weathered the great and stormy seas many startups face, grew to 2M users and 110M plays, worked with all four major music labels and independent artists alike, and ultimately did things only dreamed of in music and games," wrote the founders,  So, why is the site shutting down?

"After nearly three years of running JamLegend, we are shutting down the service to move on to new ventures," claims the JamLegend blog

Or – as I'm guessing – has income vs. the cost of legally licencing music cost fans another legal site they enjoyed?

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