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I've got a campaign going on Kickstarter right now and I can tell you it's going exactly how I thought it would. Unless you already have a pretty supportive collection of friends & family or dedicated fan base you won't be meeting your goal. If you don't have this then you need to have some kind of outlet to connect with people daily to market your campaign. Its weird because if this is the case then why use Kickstarter when you could just do it yourself on your own website not having to fork over 5% and you can set your own time limit?

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Clyde Smith

Chancius, I see what you're saying but I think one of the bigger reasons to use a service like Kickstarter, especially once the service has some name recognition and history, is that they return the money if the project doesn't get started.

That means the folks that don't know you, beyond friends and family, don't have to develop any trust beyond liking the music. The platform lends a level of legitimacy that is key to getting people to put up money.

You say you're working on a Kickstarter campaign but you link out here to your website and Facebook page, neither of which really leads people into your Kickstarter campaign. There is a little text note on the left column of your FB page but it's not very noticeable and the link isn't clickable.

I don't know what you've done in the past but just depending on the platform to promote seems unlikely to lead to success. Of course, some platforms develop followings and you get that added boost but it's your campaign and you have to promote it all out to make it work.

And not everything works. People talk about this stuff as if following a list of guidelines will lead to success but for most people it doesn't. Hate to sound cheesy but you've got to create a perfect storm and that's hard to do, especially as a one man army.

Justin Boland

Funny, I love Kickstarter for that exact reason: the reality check.

Also: $13 million in 2 years is INSANE. Very impressive.


I'm with you there.

Steve N

Further proof that DIY Music / Crowd-funding is becoming the new music economy. More investment into developing music tech start ups (such as Kickstarter), surely, is required to help grow this exciting sector.. as well as what Clyde says services, like Kickstarter, gain stronger name recognition




Exactly. Used it. Failed. It's great if you already have a fanbase. Though one in particular barely made their goal.

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