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Michael Alan

This is a novel idea but it doesn't solve a pain point for the venue owners. Mix in, "NuevoStage ensures you a packed house for your events and books the nights your empty" then you might get venues to pay attention to the product.

Groupon style discounts for traditionally slow nights, Obritz style discounted tickets to ensure full seating... It's all about the venue, not the musician. Sure musicians will benefit, but why should a venue owner consider NuevoStage if you are pitching it as a musician tool?


That actually is precisely one of the pain points that nuevoStage is addressing.

They're allowing the venues to set the minimum number of tickets they require to be open for any particular night. Therefor, once an artist reaches that magic number and the contract is awarded, the venue is guaranteed a certain amount of foot traffic and revenue through drinks and food purchases.

I really see the model as win,win and win, for artists, venues and fans...




i agree that this is a tough sell for venues, as they really have no incentive to reserve a night for a show that may or may not happen. we use ticketometer.com for concerts like this and it has worked really well.

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