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Jared Losow

Great article. Can't get enough of these guys.

Hump Jones

"But how does their indie, diy, free website tools approach to building a brand translate into commercial success?"

Really, really well, assuming you can afford to replicate their back end of professional, highly connected PR geniuses and publicists. Without the national media spotlight, they'd be just another collective making cool shit to post on tumblr.

Yonkers single sold like 13k on iTunes, right? So Goblin release will be the first real test. It's either 36 Chambers or it's the beginning of the end.

Clyde Smith

Yes, Humposaurus, the hidden infrastructure is on many people's minds. I can't get to that so I tried to dodge the issue! But I'd really like to know what's actually going on behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, Clancy's comments felt geniune. He models authenticity well!

That said, Goblin's #50 on Amazon's music rating at the moment and it doesn't come out for weeks. It's going to be huge. I check out the top rap chart on Amazon quite a bit due to my weekly albums report and not that many new albums show up there these days. Rarely do they get to the top. Presales on Amazon aren't the whole story but it's a good quick benchmark and Goblin's outperforming at the moment.

I expect the next hip hop blog meme (did I really just say meme?) will focus on Odd Future's management going out and buying a lot of records! I'm not saying that's what going on, I'm just saying that's the next industry gossip point.

Hump Jones

I think Clancy is awesome, I ain't saying he's not authentic...just that most Hypebot readers can't afford him, and he makes a major difference -- really, more of a difference than any of their other "strategies." Tumblr and twitter promo isn't getting them magazine coverage, you know? That's a matter of phone calls between professionals with a pre-existing relationship.

I'm really glad you're on the Hypebot team, btw.

Thanks for the data point on Goblin pre-orders, didn't know that, but it sure bodes well for him.

Clyde Smith

Appreciate the cosign.

Yeah, it takes money to make money! And building a real team to support you is no small matter.


I find it odd that there are so many articles about the marketing guy behind a band that is supposed to be authentic. If he legitimately stayed behind the scenes I could give him credit for being a marketing genius, but the need to constantly say how Chris Clancy is the man behind odd future makes me think that he is trying to cash in, in case this band turns out to be just hype.

Hump Jones

Chris Clancy has done exactly...one interview, right? Just because every music biz blogger alive has posted and commented on these videos doesn't have anything to do with Clancy's motivations or decisions.

Hump Jones


Clyde Smith

I think the current fascination with these two videos of Chris Clancy talking has more to do with the public fascination with Odd Future and the desire to cash in on that fascination on the part of bloggers and websites.

But I just think it's a great and timely interview.


I am quite fascinated by the stigma associated with the term "Hype". When music becomes "mainstream", yes it is Hype; the media clings on and promotes the shit out of something for one reason or another - Frank, are you saying that they loose their credibility / authenticity for this? There is nothing wrong about with- these guys are sticking to their guns and sticking it to the man. As with your comment on Chiris Clancy "cashing in on the hype"; I actually think the way he shares his marketing and promotion, and the idea of artistic integrity and characterized music a great slap in the face for the music industry - collectives like this should be recognized more often - full of passionate talent and musical zest!


Odd Future's un-marketing is their marketing. This whole idea never ceases to amaze me. Maybe because I live next to the skateboard stores they frequent and I get to witness first hand the flocks of kids associated with the movement. They don't "try", they just "do".

Also, its not like these guys just have a tumblr account. They utilize the hell out of it. You should see the interaction between them and fans. The amount of fan created artwork is unbelievable. It blows my mind.

Personally I've become obsessed. A lot of the joy of Odd Future is digging and understanding their slang and other chant-type things that you would only know if your a fan.

Clyde Smith

Bg, one of my favorite aspects of hip hop is picking up on the slang and accents of different scenes around the country. It must be fun to be checking this stuff out up close!


band, group, collective - whatever you want to call them - I refer you to the beginning of clydes article below where he calls them a band. I'm not into nitpicking.

(UPDATED) The band generally known as Odd Future, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTL, has been on the talk lately of hip hop fans, tastemakers and industry insiders for their seemingly no-holds-barred approach to rap music and apparent commitment to doing things their way all the time.

Clyde Smith

My bad. Hump's point is well taken regarding the collective nature of this enterprise. However, many do call them a band and I doubt they're too worried about the label:



Whoever wrote this article needs a grammar teacher.

Clyde Smith

Can't figure out who wrote it?

Wouldn't that be considered a reading comprehension issue?

ßryan Glanz

OFWGKTA = authenticity. It's hard to fake and easy to prove. The Collective spits creativity. I think its the reason their fanbase is so expansive. Their authenticity creates this pull where genre is no longer a boundary.
Friends of mine who generally only like Slayer dig Odd Future, And the reason for this stem's back to the quote Chris Clancy references in the video,

"Labels focused on songs that sounds like hits, not feel like hits."

Slayer fans, Kanye Fans, Bieber Fans, MUSIC fans can feel that their(OFWGKTA) music is a hit.

Clancy video, offered insight onto them as artists and as people. Clancy doesn't need the publicity for himself.

As to the term sellout. I think they will gracefully transition into the mainstream, and as long as they only do things that are authentic to them...they will keep producing music that will have that feel to it.

I look forward to what Odd Future in the future is like. I feel it will be mind blowing.

"Havok Mercer"


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