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MySpace Faces Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit, CT0 Dimitry Shapiro Exits

image from In a legal action filed in New York City, MySpace has been accused of sharing data without the user's consent.with advertisers that associates members with their browsing history.  The social network allegedly shares data despite telling members they can restrict access. This lawsuit, which hits as owner News Corp's is negotiating to turn a troubled MySpace over to VEVO or another buyer, is seeking full class-action status and unspecified damages.

“MySpace knowingly serves as and profits handsomely from being a conduit through which details of the most intimate aspects of its members’ lives, as reflected in their Internet browsing history and otherwise, are transmitted to data aggregators, who package the information into profiles and sell it like any other commodity to advertisers,” according to the complaint filed as Virtue v. MySpace Inc., 11-cv-1800, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn.

To further add to the confusion, Chief Technical officer Dimitry Shapiro is leaving MySpace. "Today is my last day at MySpace. Forming a new company on Monday, in LA. Hiring developers: Ruby/Node.js/JavaScript/CSS/UX/UI," read his Thursday afternoon message.

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  1. MySpace was already on its way out and I believe that if these alligations are true, it could really end the site for good. I would not want to use a site that uses my personal information as a way of gaining profit for themselves.

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