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New Google Music App Leaks

image from A developer version of the Android Market that included Google's new music app was acquired yesterday by the blog Techfrom10. (Click on image on left for a screenshot.)

Google had been rumored to be testing the music service internally for about two and now unauthorized version of the downloaded the app are available across the web.

This music player is a major improvement from previous versions and feels similar to the Gallery included from Android 2.1 with pop-ups, dynamic backgrounds and animations, according to Techfrom10.  The app also included the Google Music cloud service, but does not yet let users set up an account. Music playback on the app was enabled.

Google later removed the test Market from Techfrom10's device and they’re back to running the standard Market.

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  1. Despite the current mobile data market there is still great potential for cloud services. If all your music is stored online it can be accessed anywhere. If you don’t want to stream you can still update your local mobile library anytime you’re on a wifi connection. It really is a win/win scenario for cloud music.

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