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News Brief: Dangerbird Restructures, Music Startup $'s, Guitar Hero Lives, Britney's Groupon & More

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  • Indie label Dangerbird is cutting staff from 13 to 8. Founder Jeff Castelaz told the LA Times that the cuts are needed in order to be "competitive in today’s ever-changing music industry."
  • Music-Related Startups Raise $123 Million In First Quarter (
  • Activision says that "Guitar Hero on hiatus, we're not ending it"


  • How Britney Spears used a Groupon like game to take her new release to #1. (Mashable)
  • Colin Barlow, the head of Geffen Universal in the UK, will leave later this year and may head to Sony.
  • P2P lawyer says there have been more settlements since former-lobbyist judge's ruling. (ars)
  • Sprint has debuted a Sprint Music Plus, a new Rhapsody powered mobile music service.
  • Study says that to students, music piracy and shoplifting are worlds apart.
  • New Rethink Music Conf. discount code (EBIRD) lowers registration fee to $595 vs. current ($795) or walk-up ($995). Hope to meet there!
  • MobBase has added customized Android apps.
  • An Appalachian Radio Voice Threatened From Afar BY Federal Cuts (NY Times)