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Only 22% of High Schoolers Want To Pay 99¢ A Song

ITunes10 How does the 99¢ song fair among high school students?

Not very well, according to a new study by Piper Jaffray.

Only 22% of the 4,500 participants said they'd consider paying 99¢ for a track. In contrast, 65% use P2P services to get music for free, with a mere 35% indicating that they purchase music from an online store, which is often iTunes.

From Fall of 2007 until now, interest in 99¢ song has averaged out to 22%.

Frankly, it is difficult to believe that such interest will rise anytime soon. As it has been said many times, teens seem to care little about digital downloads.

Surprisingly though, 37% would consider paying $15 for a music subscription, which provides a bit of hope for the Spotify and Rhapsody's of the world.

As you might expect, among high school students Apple has many devotees.

95% use iTunes. 17% own an iPhone, with 37% planning to buy one in the next six months. 22% either own or have a tablet, and 20% intend to buy one in the next six months. 80% own an MP3 player, and of those players 86% are iPods.

The percentage of teens who download music online dropped to 77%.

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