Sony Admits Credit Info Of 77M PlayStation & Qriocity Music Unlimited Users Hacked

image from It took a full week, but Sony admitted late yesterday that the full account and credit info of 77 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity Music Unlimited accounts have been hacked and user data revealed.  The network has been offline for more than a week, and the company admits that it could be another week before service, which delivers gaming, music and Netflix, to 77 million homes globally, can be restored.

The blow could be a big one for Sony, who had just begun to exploit their potential as the digital gateway to tens of millions of users. The recently launched Music Unlimited service may suffer the most, with consumers just getting comfortable with music in the cloud.  The coming weeks will determined if Sony's setback provides an opportunity for competitors or slows consumer acceptance of the entire sector.

More: Full Text Of Sony's Statement On Massive Hack

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  1. I really hope the cloud service providers spend more time engineering security features than UI features…

  2. Wow, this is a real education for the future. Can cloud work, with so many hackers out their.
    I’m a music business student and artist from ACM, I have been learning so much in regards to the potentials of the future of music, as mobile becomes bigger, Security is vital.
    Every Hacker finds a way though right?

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