Spoon’s Jim Eno On Artist Diversification [VIDEO]

image from www.google.com At the Rethink Music yesterday, Spoon drummer and co-founder Jim Eno shared thoughts on being a self-directed 360 artist and creating diversified income. Eno is also a producer whose work includes Black Joe Lewis (who performed a rockin' set at the conference last night), the Heartless Bastards and John Vanderslice.

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  1. Same old story, do something else, get a studio work for other musician in their projects and charge for that, and mix other peoples wack shit, blah blah blah, so you can make a living in music. Sick and tired of the same thing being said over and over. How about we work on what we want which is our music and thats it how about that!

  2. Iggy Pop – well rounded person in the music business? Is it possible to still be Iggy Pop and be a well rounded person in the music business?
    I use Iggy as he has been, in his hey day, almost as rocknroll as Little Richard. Obviously those days are loooooong gone, as they should be for an insurance salesman. Little Richard, it needn’t be said, sits outside time and is beyond criticising.
    My point is that, ideally, the well rounded people in the music business will be the level headed managers and accountants who look after the needs of the crazy, inspiring, poetic, naturally rhythmic, stylishly dressed, permanently zonked artists… not the artists themselves.
    Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more people mistaking pop music for a career in styrofoam cup manufacturing…

  3. There’s nothing lame about what he said. He’s 100% correct in not having all your eggs in one kick drum.

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