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Hey Clyde, thank you for the shout out and writing such a great piece about StageIt. I am so impressed with Evan Lowenstein and his crew. They gave me a demo last week too. I think this service is spot on and every indie artist should take the time to check it out. I believe this is the next phase in live webcasting. And finally, a great way to monetize on it!





As a frequent audience member at StageIt I've been exposed to numerous artists I would never have been exposed to otherwise. I absolutely love it! I can listen to a new band, then immediately buy their album on iTunes (which I frequently find myself doing) -- it's great. At the same time I'm discovering new bands, some of my favorites show up too! Some acts I've seen in person at concerts and via StageIt and honestly, while the experiences are both great, but StageIt definitely has a more personal and intimate feel. You get to chat with the artist and hear their latest stuff -- often just days after it's written! The best part is that artists can truly enjoying the time they spend because they are still getting compensated for their talent and time.

Tami Cole

I am addicted to STAGEIT :) I love being able to watch an artist and interact with them from the comfort of my home and laptop. I would never be able to attend the amount of concerts I have without the privilege of STAGEIT. Stageit is an intimate experience you can not get anywhere else unless you were backstage with the artist at every show. Stageit truly is "A FRONT ROW SEAT TO A BACKSTAGE EXPERIENCE" If you haven't checked it out you are really missing something. Evan really knew what the fans wanted when he created this amazing experience all while the artist is being compensated and tipped for sharing their talent. Thank you so very much for giving a shout-out to my favorite site <3


I have to say I am kinda addicted to stageit and its easy to do once you get started.Evan Lowenstein did a mighty fine job creating it and being hes been in music business he knew he had fans in mind.I myself love it cause you get to interact with the artist,it is almost like being in fron roll of a live concert but at the same time,the confort at your own home.Also another feature to it is,Show me your tips which is a tip jar which we fans can tip at the show.I am honored to be apart of the Stageit family:)


I love StageIt and you can find me there frequently! It is more intimate and you can actually talk with the artist and tell all the things you never get to say at a performance and get answers. Love my Sunday's with Evan (which he needs get time to do one!) Evan Lowenstein has made a great way to see artists often not just when they are in your area!! Love StageIt

Robert Jenkins

"Clean user interface," "easy to navigate..." are you on drugs?! I think StageIt has something in the concept here, but the site is clunky, stale and feels straight out of the mid 90's when people didn't understand how to design experiences for the web.

Sad. Yet another company with a pretty good idea that probably doesn't think it's necessary to invest in good design.

Since no one is willing to tell the truth let me spell it out: the "interface" on thsi site is awful. AWFUL. Unless you're comparing it to the classic AOL experience, but even then I think AOL wins.

Celeste Karan

Hmmm...Perhaps it's not so much that "no one is willing to tell the truth" as that no one really shares your opinion. I've been a user on this site since the early Beta days and I can tell you that the interface is constantly evolving (in fact, the screen shot in the article is completely outdated, at this point). With a site like StageIt, it's less important that it be "slick" and more important that it be easy to use, which it is. I'm not seeing what you object to. And classic AOL?! Now, come on! That's just low. ;P


I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of audio quality and what factors go into having good audio and video.. Just a thought, and there's probably more info on the web site. Thanks for the review!

Clyde Smith

troprock, I agree, comments on audio and video would have been useful. I did not get the chance to watch a concert so would suggest doing that since many of them offer pay what you wish options.

Jack Donaldson

Watched performer "Lady Katherine" last night. Was impressed with the intimacy of a digital "live" show. It was fun interacting with other audience members in the chat room and between songs LK was able to respond to comments. She seemed very much in her element and at ease. Sound quality was excellent and I was suprised to learn during the encore that she was only using the mic on her computer. This is an excellent format and I look forward to viewing and interacting with other artist in the future.

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