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YouTube Makes “Copyright School” Mandatory

image from YouTube is beefing up its copyright infringement efforts, or at least they want to appear to be. They're now requiring that users who receive a copyright violation notification watch a mandatory 4 minute 39 second video. “YouTube Copyright School” stars the characters of the Happy Tree Friends video series, But in the two weeks since it has been posted, its been watched only 300 or so times. WATCH YOUTUBE COPYRIGHT SCHOOL:

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  1. Wow. Not that I advocate copyright infringement but this reminds me of some classic “educational” films from yesteryear like Reefer Madness, Duck & Cover & Blood Runs Red on the Highway.

  2. Shame on you Hypebot for embedding this copyrighted video on your site. Two strikes! =)
    “Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.”
    Mark Twain

  3. I’m pretty sure that this will mean the end to all copyright infringement. i mean, if that video does not stop copyright infringements, I ask you: what can?

  4. It’s noticable how Youtube have tried in this video to make copyright sound as complicated as possible (and referred to sanctions like ‘the LAW!’ in big, bad, comedy voices, rather than referring to simple ethics – if they genuinely wanted to do something about copyright infringement on Youtube, a ‘please do the right thing by the artists you love’ message would have been simpler and infinitely more effective). But instead, by over-complicating the issue, they’ve tried to make a snide justification for their own, and their parent company’s, contempt for artists’ rights.
    As it stands, the message that begins at 3:49 is the only one that hits the spot: make your own content.

  5. I love the way YouTube is encouraging people to take it serious with this very serious video. It would have been silly if they did something like added a bunch of loud cartoon sound effects while the narrator was explaining fair use.

  6. Sounds like one of his jokes. Have you tried slapping your name on a book using all of Mark Twain’s words? I’m sure he’d care enough about someone being in his pocket to sue you to the moon if was still alive.

  7. I don’t see why this wouldn’t help. All the anti-smoking ads helped curb smoking. Media is pretty powerful for changing public behavior once it’s on board with a cause.

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