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Clyde Smith

Man, they are really overreaching on this one. Probable cause is a key feature of what liberty we do have in this country. That's a serious maneuver that crosses a line into the civil liberties war zone.

And given California's budgetary issues, why should their police force be providing private investigative services? That's just not right given the state's cuts in public services.


anytime you think that there's a least a tiny little dot of sanity & sense of shame left in RIAA & its major label agenda setters, baaaaam, reality strikes back, smacks you in your face, hits you on your head: as if the music industry was really trying to prove that the abounding clichés are true.
*sarcasmon* well done, music industry! *sarcasmoff*


AFTRA news release on labels sharing the Limewire settlement with artists -- http://www.aftra.org/C25C73350FCE444F8E787E786001CBEA.htm


And! who will be handing the needs of the Independent artists.

The Majors aren't the sum total of the music producing population representing less then 20 precent of the recording artists.

BTW if the RIAA only represents the Majors then we have a conflict of interest in their policing role as arbitrator of all things related to musicians and a new group must be established.

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