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Amazon Repeats Lady Gaga $0.99 Sale Today. "This Time We're Ready"

image from Today Amazon began a repeat of Monday's $.99  download sale for Lady Gaga's new album "Born This Way", after the original promotion overwhelmed Amazon's servers. "Clearly customers are really excited - we saw extraordinary response to Monday's promotion - far above what we expected - she definitely melted some servers," said Craig Pape, Amazon's Director of Music.

The promotion, which may lose Amazon around $5 per download, is as much about showcasing their new cloud music service as it is about bringing new customers to the it's mp3 store. Clearly, Monday was not a good day for either. "We're doing it again, and this time we're ready," said Pope who added that the promotion is for Thursday only.

Amazon MP3 frequently features new release albums for $3.99 and offers a free song of the day, but this was the first time that 99 cent pricing was offered to top-selling artist's new album debut on any major download site.