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Jesse Kaner

hmm. This smells like retreat to me. Without a monetizable transaction model, what's the point really? I suppose Google will learn a lot about music consumption and playlist-trading behavior, but unclear what this really does for them in the long run. I'm guessing all bets are off for the once hoped-for Google Music initiative as they had wanted it to work originally. They pretty much have to wait it out until Apple launches to see how that business will be designed to run and how the margins will work.

I would not be surprised if this marks the beginning of the end of the Google Music initiative per se. The good news: Android users will at least be able to play music they own in a convenient and portable way. But that's really just a file-synching product, isn't it?

Oh, btw - Where's Microsoft in this discussion??? They have a real opportunity to step in here and become a real competitor to Amazon'e buy-and-store model. They already have inventory, they already have a cloud, they already have customers. I'm keeping my eye on them - especially now that distraction of the Skype deal is over. All they have to do is port the Zune client to Android and they're pretty much off and running...

Add Font in Menubar

This should be great, everyone should check this out. Good thing, google has created another thing to make more nice stuffs around the globe!

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