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Shelley Champine

Thank you @hypebot...Local Music Vibe is honored to be amongst this group. SF MusicTech was outstanding as always!


Thanks Hypebot! Was great meeting you. We're also flattered to be a part of this group.

By the way, a small heads up... The links in the post are not working.

Hope to see you soon at other music events!


Hey Hisham, great meeting you! I appreciate the shout out. Great article. Lots of cool people at the conference. I'll be checking out everyone you posted here.

And quick FYI, the link to GoGirlsMusic.com is not working. It's http://gogirlsmusic.com. Thanks!

Hisham Dahud

All links have been fixed!


Wow! Thanks for the mention... great to meet in person. Cheers,


Music WithMe

Thanks so much for including us in this list. It's a honor to be on a list with such great people and companies.

Abe Batshon

Thank you Hypebot and Hisham for the mention! Great meeting you guys as well.

Jeff Fedor

Thanks Hisham, really appreciate you taking time to meet me and learn about Music WithMe.


Hisham & Hypebot, thank you for mentioning vAds! We are honored to be a part of this.


Wait: they're smart...because they reached out to you?

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