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MySpace Page Views Drop Another 50% in 60 Days

image from Even as MySpace prepares to leave the unfriendly grasp of News Corp and into what will hopefully be the more attentive arms of a new buyer, their numbers continue to fall dramatically.  In the two months ending in early April, daily U.S. visitors to MySpace fell 28%. Time on the site dropped 48% and page views slid by an amazing 50%.

Somehow, however, the number of unique visitors to MySpace remained flat. Perhaps for a loyal few MySapce still matters. Worldwide uniques remained at 62 million; though total global page views dropped 23% to 3 billion, according to an analysis done by TechCrunch's Michael Arrington. U.S. uniques were also flat at 37 million.

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  1. For a site that relies on adveritising, CPM, pageviews, etc. it seems like the number of unique visitors is a little arbitrary. Obviously you’d rather have the number stay stead, but if people are not spending enough time on the site things will continue to decline.

  2. My experience is that MySpace is no longer streaming full-length songs to visitors who do not log in to the site. That change was maybe 2-3 weeks ago? Now I only get 30-second samples.
    I could not find this reported anywhere.
    So, no MySpace account -> no reason to come to MySpace to check out musicians any more. That’s a shame: I got sold on a lot of recordings and concerts through those free MySpace songs.
    Maybe I will sign up with a junk e-mail address; I’m certainly not giving them an important e-mail address.

  3. Myspace was like the Microsoft of online music experiences: never really worked 100%, clumsy buggy interface, not as smooth an offering as it could have been but it was so widely used everyone just put up with it like it was gravity.
    What blows me away is how slowly they’re dying… The myspace experience has really deteriorated in the last six months, complicated navigation makes it difficult to see the info myspace used to be very quick at. Why myspace hasn’t closed up shop is a wonder to me… how long do you put up with losses?
    I still have to (cringe) audition bands and artists from their myspace profiles everyday for work – but I told my agent to redirect all inquiries for my work and my band’s work directly to our websites long ago…

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