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From Pirates to Fans

News Brief: Apple iCloud, Facebook Music Sharing, Gaga Chart Issues, Music Power 100, BMI, More

HypebotFavicon Apple's cloud music service scans user's iTunes library for content, sources say. (Digital Trends) No surprises here, but is this enough to entice consumers to the cloud?

  • In an extension of the Spotify - Facebook story, Facebook is developing ways to share music and other media, according to the New York Times.
  • Why Billboard Isn't Revising Chart Policies for Lady Gaga's 99 Cent Amazon Deal. (Billboard)


  • Opinion: Spotify Hasn’t Launched Here Because Apple Has To Go First. (evolver.fm)
  • Amazon takes on Mac App Store with "Mac Downloads Store" (ars)
  • The UK's Music Power 100 according to The Guardian. It's a very international list.
  • BMI has named Michael Drexler their Executive Director of the Business Development for New Media.
  • Was Napster or iTunes more influential? (CNet)
  • Music Industry Sues ISP to Censor The Pirate Bay - The Pirate Bay is at the center of a new lawsuit filed at the District Court in Helsinki, Finland. Music industry representatives have filed suit against one of the major Internet Service Providers in the country, demanding that it blocks subscriber access to the BitTorrent site. The Pirate Bay is currently one of the most visited websites in Finland. (TorrentFreak)