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Once Again, Square Revolutionizes The Merch Table

image from Yesterday, Mobile credit card processor Square announced it had shipped 500,000 of its free reader that turns an iPhone or Android smartphone into a mobile credit card processor.  A fair number of those readers can be found at music merchandise tables set up by artists who appreciate Square's transparent pricing of 2.75% per swipe for all cards with no monthly fees or contracts.

But two new Square additions – Square Register and Card Case – may leave those who sell merch, monetize music and interact with fans almost giddy.

Yesterday, Square introduced an app turns an iPad into a robust cash register and customer information management platform.  Square Register, an iPad and their card swiper combine to create a point of sale device with customizable product photos, prices, and sortable categories and can process cash and credit cards transactions. Key features:

  • Swipe a card, let customers sign directly on the screen, and send them an email or text message receipt.
  • Download full reports that give offer insights into sales patterns and inventory.
  • Save info to re-connect with customers later.

With Square Register fans could browse and purchase items right on the iPad. Some merch might be delivered at the concert, but others could be shipped later or a download code emailed automatically. All buy info is also captured instantly.

Another new Square offering, in beta in several cities, let's customers set up a digital wallet in their phone and pay with their name.  Called Card Case, the new service appears best suited for neighborhood vendors who have regular customers, but could have interesting applications for touring artists.

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  1. This technology is truly amazing there will be a lot of innovative products like this hitting the marketplace in the coming 1-2 years

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