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image from (UPDATED) "LimeWire Settles With RIAA, Labels For $105 Million, Artists Get Nothing" read the headline last week, and it left many artists feeling betrayed.  But while he's not ready to predict how much of the settlement labels will pay to artists, Jonathan Lamy, Senior Vice President of Communications for the Recording Industry Association of America, says there's more to the story; and whatever the outcome, the RIAA is not to blame.

"Far too much credence was given to a TorrentFreak report," Lamy told Hypebot. "The quote attributed to me was something I said years ago in reference to the end-user litigation program, which did not generate any revenue for the record companies." 

"The RIAA has made no comment on how the recoveries in the LimeWire case would be distributed," continued Lamy. "That is a decision for the individual plaintiffs.  However, the record companies have historically shared large litigation recoveries such as the KaZaa settlement with their artists."

By plaintiffs, Lamay means the 13 record labels who sued LimeWire with the help of the RIIA and settled for $105 million. Stay tuned, while we see if the labels are willing to share any plans to compensate artists.