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Randy Valencia

I'm a huge fan of the Slacker service and I've been using it for a while. I grew a bit tired of Pandora's selection process (too many WAY random tunes in my artist-specific 'stations' there)...

I like that Slacker has curated stations. Particularly the UK Hits and UK Indie stations, as well as their Underground Hip-Hop station. Worth checking out for sure.

Jeff MacDougall

This is a great move by Slacker. They have matched Rdio's abilities and price. Once there is just a little more music available at a better monthly price, we are going to hit a tipping point. It's going to happen with one of these two services... or perhaps Spotify.

BUT if I was a betting man, I'd say it's going to be Apple.

Imagine... instead of purchasing music from iTunes at 99 cents (or whichever price point it is) you instead paid for an iTunes subscription and could stream, on demand, anything you can currently buy from their catalog.

This is what Apple has been building up too all along. This is why they created Ping, so that (once you could legally share your music via links to streams) music could be social again and go viral.

How much would you pay to have instant access to iTunes entire library on your smart phone? I think $7.99 a month would be enough to create the shift but if Apple really wants to re-invent the music industry (again) they would price it at around $4.99. And of course, you could still buy downloads.

Get ready people... It's around the corner.

Gayvid Deafen

Nah - Apple won't win here - they'd have to make the subscriptions available on ALL smartphones, not just iPhones. And since selling music is basically a loss-leader for them to sell iPhones, iPods and iPads, they'd never do it.

Jeff MacDougall

Ahh. But that's the whole point. Would you switch over to iphone (especially now that you have a choice of carriers) if you could access on demand all of itunes for a low monthly fee? I'm betting that many would. Don't be fooled. It's still all about hardware sales for Apple.

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