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Evan Read

How about writing cracking-good music and making sure it's played and recorded brilliantly?


I've had some pretty good success with Google AdWords. Sure, it costs a few bucks and it might not be for everyone. But in my case, being able to set my own parameters to target the exact type of fans I'm looking for has increased the size of my fan mailing list quite a bit. So, that's my suggestion. :)


How's about an event that involves your fans in the making of your record?
or a fan-made video that people can share:
or a day-long bus-trip to the seaside with BBQ, band-history, 2 gigs, and 15 hours of fun http://www.hopeandsocial.com/2010/10/29/b-sides-beside-the-seaside/ ?


how about each one dedicates piece of music

Avi Sheridan

This is an easy question and the answer is pretty simple, use getnewfans.com to get more twitter and facebook followers. it works great and their service is unbeatable!

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