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party bags

I remember Bruno Mars in this article. There's nothing wrong with wearing hats. It even sometimes give people a trademark.

Double Glazing

Hats serve many purpose. It can be a protection under the sun or giving yourself a style. It always depends on the person wearing the hat.

Double Glazing

We all know that being a musician is such ab amazing job. They always need to be in fashion. So that, I will not surprised if they have a lot of things. Because they need to change their fashion on every performance.

Double Glazing

Those are plenty hats you are wearing. I like wearing and collecting hats too. They are a good fix up for messy hair. :D

Double Glazing

Those are cool hats. I also love wearing and collecting hats. They are a quick fix up for messy hair.


A hat is a head covering used for protection against the elements, for ceremonial or religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory.


Being a musician (independent or otherwise) is great. The opportunities are limitless - anything you want to do, you can just do it. You don't need anyone's approval or opinion to make anything happen.

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