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Here's a great example of this that popped into my feed.


It provides content, gets fans involved, and creates awareness around the next release. And it's all very personally written to boot.

Clyde Smith

Wow, that really is a good example!


Nice idea! I really like it!

Some Guy in LA

That's a good example except that they had 24 Likes, and zero comments to the posting.

Clyde Smith

If you check their Facebook wall you'll see, as of 10 pm EST Monday, 39 likes and 30 comments:

So either the next bit of the screen, which would have shown # of comments were cut off or it took them a while to get going.

I think that's pretty good, actually, given how Likes have really undermined commenting.


Alternatively do what almost every other band in the Top 10 will do... pay a load of cash to a PR company.

You can't? Shame, looks like it's a closed club again.

Music Marketing Chris

This is a really great list of best practices when it comes to Facebook marketing.

I think this shows us that you simply can't be across lots of social networks anymore.

Facebook is the biggest daddy and it's best to spend a large majority of your time on there making a connection.

- chris

Button badge

nice one, great info , thanks a lot


You will go far!

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