25 Highest Paid Musicians In The World

image from www.google.com According to Forbes Magazine, the 25 highest paid musicians in the world are:

1. U2 $195 million
2.Bon Jovi $125 million
3. Elton John $100 million
4. Lady Gaga $90 million
5. Michael Buble' $70 million

6. Paul McCartney $67 million
7. Black Eyed Peas $61 million
8. The Eagles $60 million
9. Justin Bieber $53 million
10. Dave Mathews Band $51 million
11. Toby Kieth $50 million
12. Usher $46 million
13. Taylor Swift $45 million
14. Katy Perry $44 million
15. Brad Paisley $40 million
16. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers $38 million
17. Jay-Z $37 million
18. (5 WAY TIE) AC/DC, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Beyonce' Knowles,Tim McGraw, Muse $35 million
19. Rascal Flatts $34 million
20. Kenny Chesney $30 million
21.Rhianna $29 million

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  1. See also: 25 musicians outta whose mouths I better not hear a goddam thing about how piracy is hurting musicians.

  2. Ahm gonna get me a cowboy hat! Come on Bruce, work it out – there must be a graph in there somewhere: stetson + Irish ancestry + crazeee glasses + repeat chorus 3 times, ad lib to fade… = success!

  3. Toby Kieth? Brad Paisley? Rascal Flatts? Kenny Chesney?
    I’m guessing these are all Country singers or somesuch?
    Also, most of the musicians are more than one person….

  4. it’s only money. nobody said these are the 25 most profound, most creative, musicians in the world.
    more power to them. but what does it have to do with the rest of us?
    not much, right?
    making money from music would be nice, of course, but if you make music TO MAKE money you are really in the wrong profession. (unless you’re lady gaga or katy perry of course.)
    otherwise, become a lawyer of a banker.

  5. Lady Gaga reportedly is still in debt to her label. So what exactly are these figures? Advance money? Everything and nothing compared against each other?

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