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How many Apple users signed up for the company's last big music push, Ping?


iCloud's music storage feature isn't even half of today's story. What iCloud really means is that iPad owners no longer have to tether to a computer. Everything you write or create on an iPad can be stored on iCloud, which includes your music and video collection.


Wow, now that s really going to b nice<3

Adman Dominico-Artist

Isn't anyone getting more and more creeped out that Apple is touting this open, free, and creative corporate image, yet they continually develop more and more closed platforms. This is a bigger monopoly then Microsoft ever had. Apple builds the hardware, has final approval over all software builds, sells the software themselves, and now wants lock you in to only being able to use their cloud storage. BIG BROTHER IS HERE

Michael Anderson

Ping is a social integration feature, sort of like Buzz from Google. Plenty of folks use it, but the limitations stifle the spread. It was *not* a 'big music push', and is entirely different than this.

X zero

Agreed. more people should be skeptical of such a service. Nothing is better than owning files on a personal harddrive. It's more Brave New World because of the willingness that people give in to these ideas of storage in the "cloud". Someone else will control your files. not cool.

Home Inspector Training

Certainly not surprised. I’m surprised that there aren't a bunch of comments from Apple users pissed that you would say anything even remotely critical. Thanks for the update.

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