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Ben Patterson

That doesn't sound like a jab at Dre. Sounds like he's just saying he plans on releasing albums the way Dre does - on his own time.


He aint releasing a new album this year..good I hope he don't release one next year neither. His stuff is wack anyway


Who is asking him too. Do us all a favor, and don't release anything else EVER! Wack Mofo.

Wesley Verhoeve / The Family Records

Ben is right, that's not a jab at Dre. That's a compliment to his independence.

Ecommerce Solution

First Nas and now 50? Nooooo

Self Storage

Right, that's absolutely not a jab at Dre. I think Dre would laugh if you made a joke about Detox at this point... he'd laugh all the way to the bank to deposit his headphones check.

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