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Phil Bowyer

Great article, but the part about the videos is wrong. I realize the point (words are important) but Google can read video (there are ways that you can mark that up so the Goog can "read" it).

The other thing about video to consider is that YouTube is the #2 search engine. Yes, people search more on YT than they do Bing, and let's not forget that YT has become the destination for teens to discover music, so videos are very, very important.

SEO used to be about driving traffic to your website, but these days it's more about driving traffic to where you are (Youtube, Website, Twitter).


Google CAN and does index flash pages (for two or three years now?)

The iOS phenomenon is the real reason to avoid flash these days...

Andy Nathan

Be careful with link exchanges. They can get you the google slap!

Seth Keller

Lior please respond to Phil, JP and Andy. Seems like they have information you don't. Rebuttal?

Joseph McCullough

This is just a generic SEO how-to article slapped with the word 'musicians' in the title.


Aint META tags obsolete? I've read somewhere that these can be included, but don't make any difference anymore.


That's BS. Those that prance around saying that are the same @$$holes that will discourage you from getting your site SEO'd properly.


That's what I thought when I first read it. Probably somewhere on wordpress.com forums, btw, but I'm not quite sure right now...
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Nice tips about SEO, I'm sure I can use this in the future for our company. :)

Account Deleted

Let's play or listen for some SEO today my friends! Thanks for the article!


Meta tags are not important with the major search engines anymore. Some of the smaller search engines may use them, but Matt Cutts came out himself and said that they are no longer used by google.

SEO Services NZ

Nice one.... It id important that videos and images must be describe in a form of a description in allocated alt tag.

seo services

A very interesting and informative article.

Pearlicka Records

A very odd SEO tip for musicians would be: Do not link from your website to stores where people can buy your product. Our Website Pearlicka.com thus got classified as a "Bridge Page' which purpose is only to drive traffic to other websites. When you are now googling for any of our releases, 120 pirate sites get listed first.
I thought, ok a mistake done by a bot, had a human at Google re-evaluate our page. The human also still thinks it is Bridge page and we still get punished.
Extremely odd situation. Obviously it makes sense for a small label rather than building your own store, link to the existing ones. But Google disagrees.


@Pearlicka Records
Sorry to hear that. In theory Google wouldn't ban you for having a couple of links to monetize your content.

Have a look at this Google representative answer to question 10 (affiliate links) here:

Perhaps you have too many links on your site. I'm curious, did you nofollow them before sending the reconsideration request? Did you really got a response from a human?

Perhaps they haven't banned your site, it's just that you have dropped in the results because of a general algorythm change and it's a matter of having more unique content, not shallow pages, and good links; whatever Google thinks those things are.

Caveat 1: I don't know how long ago was the above mentioned article written and if in the meantime Google has changed its policy.

Caveat 2: I take no responsability at all. Dofollow or nofollow your affiliate links or change your content at your own risk. I just gave my point of view. You'd better write to the Google Webmaster Help Forum for more help and if you are lucky enough you might even get an official answer from a Google employee. Sometimes it happens.

And finally yes, I agree with Joseph McCullough about this being a generic SEO how-to article slapped with the word 'musicians' in the title.

Good luck!

Boston SEO

This is generally good advice, but we don't want to lose sight of overall marketing strategies in the face of online marketing strategy. I've seen one too many bands spend too much time on their marketing and not on their music - usually these bands either don't get off the ground, or they don't last long.

Tom Schmitz

Google can index Flash pages, but they still are not good at reading the content inside Flash and recognizing semantic hierarchy. That makes Flash a no no for SEO.

It's fine to embed Flash judiciously into a website, like an animation, video or sound player. However, creating your entire website in Flash is asking for SEO issues.

If you do have a Flash site make sure the URL changes when you click on internal links. If your entire website is only one address (http://yoursite.com) then you are truly and seriously...well, let's say it's time to build a new website.


"...keyword or 2..."

Say what? Will texting codes begin to infect normal language? Inevitable, I suppose.

"I've seen one too many bands spend too much time on their marketing and not on their music - usually these bands either don't get off the ground, or they don't last long."

Believe me, the music is the least important part of it. Heed or perish.


Peter Tanham

Articles like this really irritate me because, as Joseph McCullough, there is no advice specific to musicians in here.

The key question is if SEO is relevant for musicians at all? If a potential fan doesn't know you, what would they be searching for in Google that would result in the finding your site and being happy with that find?

Cover versions and lyrics are the only areas I've had decent success with in the past.

Nike SB Dunks

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Account Deleted

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Darryl William Crawford

Thank you for this article. It is very useful and sincerely thank you again....GOD BLESS YOU.

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