AM NEWS: More On MySpace, Rhapsody Plans, Village Voice On Tumblr, HMV, Virgin + Spotify & More

HypebotFavicon Deatils of the post-fire sale MySpace are emerging including a major involvement by Justin Timberlake as investor and creative driver. Looking back, this chart looks at the rise and fall of the social network. Ars even does the math on News Corp's disastrous MySpace years.


  • UK retailer HMV to refocus on gadgets as profits slump. (Reuters)
  • Virgin Media close to deal with Spotify to pave way for digital music service more than two years after unveiling plans for service. (Guardian)
  • The Harry Fox Agency has cut a licensing deal with Cricket's mobile music service Muve.
  • Is the Jay-Z–Kanye West Joint Album Going To Drop on Monday? (NY Magazine)
  • A look at performing rights organizations like ASCAP and their relevancy in the digital age. (NPR)
  • Google+ Looks EXACTLY Like Facebook (SAI) plus Hypebot's overview of Google+ for musicans.

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