UPDATE 2: More Apple iCloud Details Leak

image from 2) Apple has added a deal with Universal to the other three other major label agreements it reached earlier, as it readies an official Monday launch of it's iCloud music service. according to multiple sources.  Major music publishers are also apparently on board, and Apple is in talks to add film and television shows to iCloud. Deals have not been finalized, however, with thousands of indie labels and publishers. UPDATED leaked Apple iCloud details:

  • Apple will reportedly charge $25 a year for it's iCloud music locker with free trials for iTune's buyers. Apple will also sell ads on the service.
  • Streaming is restricted to computers and Apple connected devices.
  • For now at least, iCloud will store only music purchased on iTunes.
  • Apple is advancing major labels $100-150 million, so far, indies are not being offered advances. Details here.
  • Cut of the iCloud fee: Labels 58%, Publishers 12%, Apple 30% according to CNet.
  • Universal and Sony had been demanding 60% of the revenue.
  • Apple has offered independent labels 53% of cloud revenue. Some indie label executives tell Billboard that they are pushing for a bigger share.

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  1. What Apple and the Press fail to understand is that Independent’s are the majority of new music producers. So if they want to have a bigger share of indies they’ll have to start treating them as more then an after thought……
    53 precent is a JOKE and guess what someone is going to offer a real alternative to all the tripe that is coming out of Multi-National-Tax-Avoiding-Corporation that are the Majors.

  2. Indies getting screwed here.
    Also means advances are being paid to majors with none trickling down to the indies the majors distribute.
    Really fucked up!!!!

  3. I’ve written several articles on my blog praising Apple for their excellent work. Even Japanese financial analysts have specifically said “Apple and Samsung have overtaken Sony as an industry leader” and “Sony no longer represents a Japanese symbol of excelence because Apple and LG now lead the industry in performance and marketing.”
    My blog, called Controversy, is at so please feel free to visit.

  4. So, let me get this, for $25 a year I can store my mp3s on iCloud and stream them via broadband to my computer, instead of keeping them on my computer and playing them (without broadband) on my computer.
    An added bonus is that I can stream them (via broadband) to my iPhone/Pad instead of putting them on my iPhone/Pad and playing them (without broadband).
    An extra added bonus is that I can keep all my mp3s that I ripped from my CDs or bought from Amazon completely separate so the songs i bought from iTunes isn’t tainted by the other music.
    Wicked. Sign me up.

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