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Anon Musician

Hey - where is the data to back this up - I don't see a link to the actual article - just your repeat of their PR blurb. Who knows if it is true. Go to the Seatgeek website and there is nothing. This is why the Internet is so frustrating - because you publish undocumented BS like this without any substantiation. This is just a pr piece to get traffic to seat geek - well they succeeded - but I won't return to the site.


no wonder Nevada is #1 with their tenured acts of yesteryear...

not very convincing graph im afraid :(

Frank Woodworth


36 crazy fists is playing Anchorage on July 16th. The infographic says there are 0. In addition there are numerous jazz bands and local bands playing Juneau and Anchorage. Without knowing seat geeks definition of a concert, I don't know if they count those or not, but a 63 dollar a ticket show at the Anchorage Convention Center must fit. I'm sure there are more. I just did one short google search.

Its disappointing that the people who made the graphic didn't even do a cursory search to make sure their claims were correct.

Jenny Callaghan

pollstar: http://pollstar.com/resultsCity.aspx?ID=6172&SortBy=Date&SearchBy=anchorage,%20ak


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