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That is a cool chart and I could really relate

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yes that is awessome, pretty funny but true.


The only two on there that I like are Mozart and Webber.

Dad Listened to Beethoven
I was in an accelerated education program
I am a Classically Trained Musician
I did not study Piano
I am not rebellious
Therefore I like Mozart

Andrew Lloyd Webber:
Dad Listened to Beethoven
I was in an accelerated education program
I am not a Classically Trained Musician
I was in theatre/drama in high school
Therefore I like Webber

My dad didn't listen to beethoven, he listened to christian hymns and christian soft rock. I wasn't in any accelerated education programs, though they almost got me a tutor instead of school, I did study piano, and I am rebellious. Oh, and I'm not a classically trained musician. I was taught how to play is all. And I wasn't in theatre or drama in high school.

But I like mozart and webber. The rest of the options were crap.


so wait... if you father was into iron maiden, a NWOBHM band, then you probably listen to glam metal?? what a crock of shit. happy fucking fathers day

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