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Gaga may not be biting her nails, but some labels might.


That picture related to this article is not LG. That nose is way too straight/Photoshopped.

In any regard, I still think that her marketing team did a fantastic job with getting the word out and make people get the record even if they didn't want it (like me). She's already gone platinum (yes, I know how the system works...just saying she's "certified" by the way I feel the RIAA should certify record sales) and will still sell this record throughout her career and beyond.

Good good for Gaga!


She's still got the No. 1 record in the country


Here's the problem as I see it (as a financial analyst who also runs a record label) and I don't have an answer. Gaga has 10 million twitter followers, and 36 million "fans" on Facebook. Her first week she only moved 1.1 million units, of which 440,000 were for 99 cents on Amazon. Gaga is probably the most visible entertainer at this time. Why is it that only 10% of her twitter followers (or 3% of her Facebook fans) made a purchase, especially when the download was available for 99 cents? I personally was shocked that the number was this low after she had already released three videos prior to the albums' release. Does these mean that the Twitter and Facebook popularity numbers are bogus? Does this mean that the rumors are true that her record label has a room set up with a bank of computers setting her up with phony fans and followers like Tila Tequila did with Myspace? Remember when Tila had 4 million friends and sold 15,000 downloads? Methinks they doth promote too much.

Jake Garmel


It's because social networking "friends" and "likes" and so forth are mostly worthless relationships.

Lady Gaga is not alone.


It's because we live in a world where people will DL music for free opposed to paying ANYTHING.


It IS Gaga. Check the Poker Face video. :p


I'm a Lady Gaga fan and I LOVED THE FAME. I liked the FAME MONSTER. I have seen her on tour. Honestly, the BORN THIS WAY album sucks. All of my friends are really disappointed. She dropped the ball on this album. It was all hype and no delivery. I never thought I'd ever say this, but Britney Spears new album is better than Gaga's.

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