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It's fine to try and take something away from just about anything and apply it to your own situation, but unless this book has specific examples and practices that work for maintaining and managing finances for independent artists, I don't see this being very helpful. Most of the time there are very few practical things that help indie musicians in this area, probably because so few actually exist or work. You either have a source of revenue to invest in your project (making and marketing your music) or you don't. Being a successful musician is like being a successful actor... there are very few good parts and too many people vying for those parts. Except that it's STILL easier than being a musician! :(

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True, but it's always good to take a look at the big picture to come up with your own practical efforts. There is no formula for success in business or music despite how many "10 Ways to Succeed" blog posts there are in the world. Those are tactics, not strategies. Tactics are most certainly important, and there's a whole Internet full of them, but you should have a strategy first and foremost and that can't be cut and paste. You have to know the world you live in to the T and apply what you do and who you are to come up with your own path to success.

This book looks pretty interesting... I think I may cop it... right now in fact! Thanks for posting.





Clyde Smith

I point out two very specific examples at the end of my post related to using the framework in Not For Free to reexamining an individual artist's revenue.

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