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The Importance Of Geo-Targeting Messages on Facebook

Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 11.34.33 PM You’ve heard the saying before… “Location, location, location!”

For musicians and music marketers, knowing where to reach your audience is just as important as knowing when to reach them.

As many readers may know, Facebook analytics provides a plethora of valuable information about fans and how they interact with an artist’s Facebook page - from how many “likes” the page has, to charts that graphically depict user/fan engagement.

But have you ever taken into consideration why people may have unliked your page over time?

The potential reasons are endless, but the most affinitive reason is this:

You’re sending out messages that are not relevant to them.

For instance, if you’re playing a show in San Francisco and you blast your entire audience with that update, fans outside of the San Francisco Bay Area may interpret your post as useless and “spammy.”

They’ve already chosen to “like” you, which means they want to stay informed about you, but over time they’ll begin to lose interest if you continue to blast their wall with irrelevant posts. The more you do this, the more likely a fan will “hide” you from their Wall. They may still “like” you, but the communication channel has effectively been rendered useless.

Reaching out to your entire audience is OK when you have something more general to say like a new album release date, a new line of merchandise, or a magazine feature. Geo-targeting is more useful when creating region-specific campaigns and initiatives that are designed to ignite fans in a given area.

Here’s How To Do It

In Facebook, create your post as you normally would, but right before you send it out, click the icon below the text box that looks like a padlock. It’ll then display a drop-down where you can select the option to “Customize” your post. From there, enter the region where you want your message to be geo-targeted to.

When done effectively, geo-targeted campaigns result in higher fan engagement/retention numbers and hopefully higher sales figures, as well.

This post is by regular Hypebot contributor, musician and music marketer Hisham Dahud (@hishamdahud).